Beware the $25 Cut - What to Look for When Choosing Your Lawn Care Provider

We are approaching my favorite time of the year: mowing season! 

As the grass turns green, a lot of you will be receiving quotes from mowing companies for the upcoming season. I thought I would write up some common issues that my clients have experienced with previous lawn care providers to hopefully spare you some pain and suffering. This write-up certainly isn’t to stir up any drama or to directly shame any particular companies, but rather to illustrate the benefits of Stripe Masters Lawn Care.

Here are some issues you might experience with companies that only charge $20 or $25:

  • Torn up grass from sloppy zero-turns
  • Rutting in the grass from mowing the same direction every time
  • Grass clumping or insufficient clipping dispersion
  • Sloppy edging along sidewalks and driveways (or no edging at all)
  • Grass clippings in your mulched beds
  • Damaged mailbox posts and stripped-away paint from trimming too close and too quickly
  • Insufficient or no liability insurance to cover any potential damage done to your property
  • Inconsistent weekly schedule
  • Poor communication
  • Use of sub-contractors or a different crew on the property every week
  • Billing hassles – paper invoicing

Legitimate companies that charge these rates cannot afford to spend the time on your lawn to do the job right. They’ll pack up their equipment and move onto the next lawn as quickly as possible.

The exception here would be the neighborhood kid that charges $25 per week. They can afford to spend the time it takes to do a good job.

The Stripe Masters Lawn Care Difference:

At Stripe Masters Lawn Care, we only deliver quality results. Results that you can be proud of as a homeowner, and results that I can be proud of as a business owner. Our prices might seem surprising to some, but the true value we offer is hard to beat. We offer a high quality cut, reliable, friendly service, and we offer the highest level of simplicity for our clients. Here is what we do differently:

  • Consistent weekly schedule
  • Excellent communication – we send a text so you’ll know when to expect us on your property each week. We also give advanced notice if we expect any delays.
  • We take turns slowly and keep both wheels moving to avoid turf damage
  • We mow in a different direction every time (in areas where possible) to avoid rutting and to offer a fresh look every week
  • We leave your lawn looking well-manicured with very minimal visible clippings. Our mulching mowers and grass collection option allow this. We’ll even double cut your lawn if the growth requires it at no extra charge
  • We use a blade edger along all concrete sidewalks, driveways, and curbs. A blade edger is more precise, compared to a normal string trimmer
  • We keep grass clippings away from mulched beds
  • We trim very slowly around painted wood, like mailboxes, to avoid damage
  • While we perform our work very carefully, we carry proper liability insurance
  • We never use sub-contractors for mowing and pet waste clean-up. You’ll see the same friendly faces every week, always wearing a Stripe Masters uniform. Our employees are thoroughly vetted and proven to be trustworthy. No ratty tank-tops, rusty trucks, dirty equipment, or profanity
  • Our billing is entirely automated. Set it up once and forget it. We’ll send an invoice on the first of the month for the work performed in the previous month, and then charge your credit card a week later
  • As a bonus, we love dogs and we’ll clean up your pet’s waste on our service date if you request that option

If you like what you’ve read here and think we would be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out us. You can quickly request an estimate by clicking the link below. We’d love to help more neighbors get the lawn care service they deserve.

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Pole – Stripe Masters Lawn Care, LLC

Stripe Masters Lawn Care: now offering lawn care service, mowing, trimming, pet waste clean-up, and more in Delaware, Ohio.

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