Grass Collection

Grass Collection

Photo of Stripe Masters Lawn Care Owner with dog, Roxy

Our grass collection service will leave you with the cleanest cut possible every week. This means no stray clippings in landscaping beds (even though we clean up after ourselves if we do not collect the grass), no clumps in the yard, and no mess anywhere. For grass collection, we use the mower pictured above: A Walker Model T with the built in Grass Handling System. This mower leaves the finest cut imaginable and a unique striping pattern that will leave your neighbors envious. We haul away all clippings and recycle them at our local landscape recycling facility. 

If your grass is healthy, well-fertilized, and grows quickly, grass collection might be a good choice for your lawn.

Simply fill out the form below to request an estimate, and ask for grass collection in the “Detailed Description”!

If you have pets, we would strongly recommend both our grass collection service and our pet waste clean-up service

Grass collection will ensure that your pet’s paws and fur don’t turn green from playing in the yard after a recent mowing and it will keep grass from being tracked into the house. 

Dog with green paws

Limited time offer:

All estimates include 1 FREE Grass Cutting when you choose Stripe Masters Lawn Care to be your lawn maintenance provider.

For the quickest response, please include the following information in the “Detailed Instructions” boxes:

  1. Are you interested in any other services?
  2. Does your yard have a fence/gate?
    • How wide is the gate?
    • How should we gain access to the gated area?
  3. How many pets will we be cleaning up after?
    • Are your pets able to roam the whole yard? 
    • How long has it been since the last clean up?
  4. Would you like your grass collected instead of mulched?
  5. How did you hear about us?
  6. Does your property have a drainage ditch or any other large area that requires trimming on a regular basis?
  7. Any other important info that could affect our weekly service?

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