Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Stripe Masters Lawn Care, LLC is proud to offer holiday lighting design and installation. Scroll to learn more.

Pictured above: A beautiful scene created Stripe Masters Lawn Care 2022. What does your holiday dream look like?

Stripe Masters Lawn Care now offers full service holiday lighting design and installation to Delaware, Ohio and the surrounding cities.

After years of turning our clients’ lawns into the envy of the neighborhood, we are pleased to offer another way to make your home feel like your personal oasis: Holiday Lighting! The best part is that you won’t have to break a sweat or climb up onto any steep roofs. Just tell us what your holiday dream looks like and we’ll do the rest.

We provide an all-inclusive service. We will generate a custom design for your home so you’ll know exactly what it will look like before the installation. We offer several simple options for lighting locations, colors, and accessories. Once you approve the design, we will handle literally everything else. 

We supply the lights, and we only use the highest quality, brightest, most color accurate, professional grade lighting. We custom fit the lights to YOUR house, rather than using off-the-shelf strands. You won’t find any unsightly bundles of excess cabling or lights with our installations. If any bulbs go out while they are on your house, they won’t take the entire strand with them, and we’ll replace them to keep everything looking perfect. We use C9 LED bulbs on roofs and gutters, and C7 LED bulbs for almost everything else. We use white wire where appropriate (white houses, white trim, white gutters) and green wire almost everywhere else.

Pre-programmed or dusk-to-dawn lighting timers will be installed depending on your outlet location.


How much does holiday lighting cost?

Our lighting packages start at $799. Roof lighting offers the biggest impact and the most bang for your buck. Most home owners can expect to spend between $799 and $1300 for lighting their roof line with any color combination.

What factors into this pricing: 

  • Paying generous wages to our skillful, creative, and brave decorators who are willing to climb ladders and roofs to make sure your home stays shining all season long.
  • We use the brightest, longest lasting, and most energy efficient LED bulbs.
  • We use the highest-grade professional cabling that is kept neat and out of sight.
  • We spend time rendering your perfect Winter Wonderland so you envision the scene and get into the holiday spirit before the installation.