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Snow removal and ice management

Stripe Masters Lawn Care, LLC is proud to offer snow removal and ice management. Scroll to learn more.

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Stripe Masters Lawn Care now offers residential snow removal and ice management to homeowners in Delaware, Ohio.

We take a gentler approach to snow removal and only use small power equipment on your property. No huge trucks with plows that are more likely to damage your home and your lawn.  Stripe Masters Lawn Care is the reliable choice, and one of few companies in the area that solely offers residential snow service. If you decide that you would like us to assist with snow this winter, sign up now to guarantee a spot in our limited schedule.

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1: Continuous snow removal during an event

Choose option 1 when it is important to you to have a clear driveway at all times during a storm. If we get 6 inches of snow overnight and snow is still falling when you need to leave for work or have guests over, we will have cleared your driveway at least twice during the storm so you will have no problem entering and exiting your driveway.

*Our trigger for beginning snow removal will be when 2” of snow has fallen. For each additional 2” after the first, we will restart our route and clear driveways again. Depending on where your property falls in our route, it is possible that more than 2” of snow will have collected on your driveway before we arrive to clear it. You will be charged your quoted rate for each time that we come to remove snow and each time that we spread salt.

2: One snow removal / salt service per event (or day)

Choose option 2 if you are not concerned about needing to use your driveway during a storm, and are okay with waiting until the snow stops before we clear your driveway and sidewalks. If we get 6 inches of snow overnight and snow is still falling when you need to leave for work or have guests over, we will not be there to clear your driveway until the snow stops. This is generally the more frugal option even with the snow depth multipliers (explained in the pricing section).

*We will wait to remove snow from your driveway until the snow event is over for the day. Pricing will be determined by the total amount of snow that we receive during that event / day. We will take your base rate for snow removal (quoted above, and not for salt) and multiply that by our snow depth multiplier found in the next section. This option does not guarantee that your driveway will be clear when you need to leave for work in the morning.

*Your base rate is calculated based on the square footage of your driveway and sidewalks. We use a tiered pricing structure that reduces the rate per square foot as the area increases in size.

*Your quoted price includes a once-monthly service fee and a per-push / per-de-icing base rate. Some storms may require more than one trip to your property to clear the snow as it falls if you have opted for our continuous service. You will be charged each time we clear the snow or spread salt, and that means potentially being charged more than once per snow event if we have to clear the snow multiple times per event.

*Snow depth multipliers for those who have selected to have snow cleared only once per event:

  • 2” to 3”: Base rate
  • 3” to 4.5”: Base rate X 1.5
  • 4.5” to 6”: Base rate X 1.75
  • 6” to 10”: Base rate X 2
  • 10” plus: Base rate X 3

*We charge a small monthly service fee to guarantee your spot on our schedule when we have a storm. We have a limited capacity, and we want to make sure that clients who have booked with us for the season have priority access to our services. This fee will be charged every month from December through March. The amount of the monthly service fee will be credited toward any snow removal activities that occur during that month.

*If our services are necessary outside of this time frame, we will charge an additional 25% above your base rate for that service instead of the monthly service fee.

*If you would not like us to reserve a spot in our schedule for you, we can make no guarantee that we will be able to clear your driveway when a storm comes.

*Removing snow from your driveway, neighborhood sidewalk that runs through your lawn, and sidewalk that leads to your front door.

*Pushing or blowing snow to an area that will not negatively impact you, your lawn, or street traffic.

*If snow is packed down by vehicles and has turned to ice, we make no guarantee that we will be able to scrape it up. If you have opted for de-icing, we will salt these areas heavily.

*Small equipment only, such as walk-behind snow blowers, lawn tractor-mounted plows and snow blowers, and shovels. This minimizes the risk of damage. We do not use truck mounted plows for any residential work.

*We will use a shovel gently near vehicles to pull snow away from them.

*We will use a shovel on porches.

*We will often have to perform our work in the middle of the night. We use fairly noisy machinery, but the snow helps to deaden the sound.

*Spreading an appropriate volume of salt over the entire driveway area and sidewalks.

*We will use salt with a high-calcium and high-magnesium content to reduce the risk of harm to pets, plants, and concrete.

*In instances where the weather forecast predicts the potential for icing conditions before a small amount of snow, we will pre-treat your driveway and sidewalks with salt to slow and prevent ice build-up.

*We will not pre-treat when there is more than an inch of snow forecasted for shortly after the ice event. The salt will not melt that much snow and will be wasted when we clear the driveway of snow.

*Prior to the start of the season, we will install high-visibility marking stakes along your driveway and sidewalks in appropriate locations to help us prevent damage to your lawn, landscaping, sprinkler heads, etc.

*At the end of the season, we will pick up the stakes.

*Please make sure to remove all personal items from your driveway and sidewalks. Items on your front porch should be kept away from the front door unless they are tall and clearly visible if some snow is covering the porch.

*We will not be held responsible for damaged items that were not removed from the path of our snow removal equipment.

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Stripe Masters Lawn Care: now offering snow removal and ice management to Delaware, Ohio.