Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service

Billing: After you approve this estimate, you will receive an email with a link to enter your payment information. Stripe Masters Lawn Care only accepts payment in the form of credit card, and storing your card on file is required prior to starting service. Our payment processor Stripe is used and trusted by millions of businesses throughout the US so your information is safe and secure. After you enter your credit card information, Stripe Masters is only able to see the last 4 digits of the card number. Invoicing and billing occurs at the beginning of each month, and the invoice will include services rendered in the previous month. Your invoice will be delivered to the email address we have on file (same email address that this estimate will be delivered to). You will receive an invoice on (or around) the 1st of the month and then your credit card will be charged on (or around) the 7th. Declined cards will result in a lapse of service until invoice is paid. You may pay your invoice early or leave a tip for the Stripe Masters team that cares for your lawn by clicking the link in the invoice, but this is not a requirement.

We will provide service until cancelled. Cancel any time with no hassles. Service will auto-renew every year unless cancelled.
Pets: For your pets’ safety and ours, pets must be kept inside during our service. We will send a text message around 15 minutes prior to our arrival and pets should be secured at this time.
Locked gate notice: If we are unable to access a portion of the yard because a gate is locked, keys were changed, a pet was present in the yard, or any other circumstance, we will knock on your door or contact you by phone/text to ask for access to the fenced in area. If you are not able to let us into the fenced in area while we are servicing your yard, we will skip this portion of the service this week and notify you so that the issue can be corrected for the next week. Your credit card will be charged the full amount for this service.
Weather delay notice: We will assign a typical service day soon after you approve this estimate. We will make our best effort to mow every 6-8 days but please understand that there may be circumstances where weather does not permit us to mow during this window. We value our employees’ safety, our equipment’s safety, and we do not want to cause any damage to your lawn because it is too wet.
Trampolines: For safety reasons, we will not move trampolines under any circumstance.

Social Media / Marketing Photo Use: We may use photos captured on your property for social media and marketing purposes Any PII (personally identifiable information including: house numbers, street names, license plates, personal and political signs, etc.) will be removed prior to posting. You may opt out of this at any time.
Stripe Masters Lawn Care offers only weekly service to our regular customers. 
Weekly grass cutting includes: 
  • Mowing (with striping in a different direction each week wherever possible)
  • Trimming with a string trimmer (crisp landscaping edges maintained with precision)
  • Edging with a blade edger along sidewalks, driveways, and curbs where applicable
  • Leaf blowing to clean up grass displaced by us
Weekly grass cutting does not include:
  • Landscaping bed maintenance (weeding, trimming grass within the bed, hedge trimming, tree pruning, leaf removal)
  • Removing fallen tree branches from lawn
  • Picking up more than a few pieces of trash
  • Moving furniture or trampolines
  • Collecting toys
  • Removing, trimming, or applying herbicide to weeds growing in sidewalk and driveway cracks
We now offer full-lawn grass bagging as a premium service upgrade. Please contact us for an estimate. Weekly price depends on the individual lawn and whether we can dump the grass onsite (not in lawn/leaf bags).
First cut free promotion conditions: Pay for 4 cuts, get 1 for free. You may still be charged an initial edging fee during this free service (see below for more details). No free cut will be offered if your grass is longer than 10 inches (in any area) on the first visit.
Possible surcharges on your first service:
  • Initial edging surcharge: See estimate comments for your specific minimum initial edging surcharge (may not apply if there is already an existing maintainable edge). If soil and grass extend more than 1/2 inch over the sidewalk/driveway/curb, a minimum additional charge of $49 will apply. If soil and grass extend more than 4 inches over the sidewalk/driveway/curb, a minimum additional charge of $79 will apply. Expect this additional charge to be nearly double these listed rates for corner lots. Edging with a blade edger is one of the key points of our service and it makes lawns cared for by Stripe Masters stand out from the rest. Initial edging for a standard 1/4 acre lot can take 1+ hours onsite, plus time to drive to the landscape waste recycling facility, and we must pay the recycling facility’s fee to leave our waste. Initial edging for a corner 1/4 acre lot can take 2+ hours onsite, plus time to drive to the landscape waste recycling facility, and we must pay the recycling facility’s fee to leave our waste.
  • Long grass surcharge: If your grass is longer than 10 inches (in any area) on the first visit, no free cut will be offered. If your grass is longer than 14 inches (in any area) on the first visit, the cost for this service will be double to rate quoted on the estimate.
If either the initial edging surcharge or the long grass surcharge will apply to your first service, your credit card on file will be charged for this service prior to starting the job. Thereafter, regular billing as described in the “Billing” paragraph will resume.
Mowing height: We typically mow at 3.5-4 inches. This length is beneficial for a number of reasons, including: blocking light from weeds, allowing the grass to grow in fuller and more lush, preventing scalping. Mowing shorter than 3.5 inches may cause more frequent scalping especially in uneven lawns, and turf burn in the hot summer. We will not mow below a height of 2.5 inches under any circumstance. Not only can this be damaging to your lawn, it can take us considerably longer and it is harder on our equipment.
In cases where the lawn is very wet (recent heavy rain, standing water, mud), we may make the determination skip a week so there is no damage to the lawn. You will not be charged for this week. If only a portion of your lawn is affected, we may just skip this area and mow the rest.
Fall clean-up: Depending on how heavily wooded your lawn is, a fall leaf cleanup may be recommended to completely clear your property of leaves at the end of the season. This service includes blowing leaves out of mulched beds, away from the house and decks, then collecting the leaves and hauling them away. Pricing will vary by property. Until the final clean-up, we typically continue to mow and mulch the leaves in the lawn every 1 to 2 weeks while the leaves fall to keep your property looking tidy. The mulched leaves decompose and provide an excellent fertilizer to your lawn for the next season.
We are not responsible for damage to sprinkler heads or invisible fences that may occur during normal mowing activity. Invisible fence lines that run across the top of a sidewalk or driveway must be marked prior to service.
We assess fees in the following scenarios:
  • Excess pet-waste in yard when you have not elected our pet waste clean-up service – $5 per pile will be automatically charged
  • Hoses and sprinklers left set up in the yard – $5 per hose will be automatically charged
  • Initial pet waste clean-up fee if yard has not been cleaned within a week ($30 minimum)
  • Excess toys or trash
(First time issues will be given some leniency and we will discuss them with you before automatically adding the fee.)
Things that may affect your weekly mowing rate in the future:
  • Adding a fence
  • Adding landscaping / obstacles that add to trimming time
  • External factors that may affect our cost of doing business (very unlikely to affect pricing mid-season)
Pet Waste Clean-Up:
Stripe Masters Lawn Care offers only weekly service to our regular customers for pet waste clean-up as well.
We make every effort to remove all pet waste from your property on our service day so your lawn is as clean as possible. There are certain circumstances that might result in some being left behind. These can include the following (among others): leaves covering the grass, snow covering the grass, loose stool, pet waste compressed into the lawn or snow prior to our arrival.
These terms and conditions of Stripe Masters Lawn Care service may be changed or updated at any time with or without notice.

Last updated: 7/19/2021